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3 Ways Internet Might Affect The Quality Of Your Decisions

Making decisions is an integral part of our life, and is one of the factors that distinguishes us from other living creatures. Every day people make countless decisions that bring various change in their lives. In fact reading this article was also one of your numerous decisions.

How Much Data Do We Generate Every Day

When was the last time you shared a photo, uploaded a video or sent a tweet on internet? If you are an ardent digital wanderer, I am sure you wouldn’t have refrained from using the Internet for more than 24 hours. In case you missed a day online, this post helps you understand how much data was generated, while you were away.

What Is Digital – An Explanation In A Nutshell

Being millennial  we always come across the term called “digital” which is used extensively over the internet.  This post aims at categorizing all things that are digital and understand “what is digital” in a nutshell.   The term is primarily being used to describe modernization of computer technology.